Equator Principles 2023 Annual Meeting (6-8 November)

9 November, 2023 EP News

Thursday 9 November

The Equator Principles Association held its 2023 Annual Meeting from 6-8 November in Washington DC. Over 125 people were able to attend the in-person meeting representing 60 Equator Principles Financial Institutions (EPFIs).

This year marks 20 years of the Equator Principles (EPs), and the agenda of the 3-day meeting encouraged EPFIs to reflect on our role in the sustainable finance ecosystem and consider how we remain relevant as the ‘gold standard’ in a rapidly evolving environmental and social risk landscape. EPFIs actively engaged in debate on these important issues, as well as taking time to strengthen the valuable network provided by being part of the EPFI community.

Review of the Equator Principles
A number of external presenters with various perspectives, including consultants and lawyers, shared their observations and expertise on a range of EP-related challenges and opportunities. These sessions provided valuable insight relevant to the management of the EPs, and EPFIs engaged in robust debate on the best ways to address the points raised.

A significant proportion of the agenda was focussed on discussion of challenges in the effective implementation of EP4 and consideration of areas that may require enhancement or additional clarification. Following the meeting, it was agreed by the Steering Committee that a review of the EPs will begin in 2024 – recognising that any update will be a multi-year process requiring consultation.

Launch of 2022 Activity Report
We were pleased to share the first ever Equator Principles Activity Report. This report consolidates data submitted by EPFIs for 2022 and offers additional analysis and insights, as well as highlighting some of the work undertaken by the EP Association.

Over the last several years, EP has taken steps to increase the accessibility of EPFI reporting data through the updated EP website and publicly available reporting databases and this report represents further progress.

Again, the meeting was an example of the strength of the EP network as EPFIs took time to engage in valuable knowledge sharing and discussions, and we look forward to meeting again in 2024.

“As we mark our 20-year anniversary, it is right that we take some time to reflect on our achievements to date but also to consider how we continue to maintain our position as the ‘gold standard’ risk management framework. As part of this, it is right that we now commence the process of reviewing EP4. I look forward to seeing how these important conversations, amongst the EPFI community and with our wider stakeholders, progress from 2024″
Amit Puri, EP Association Chair, Global Head Sustainable Finance, Standard Chartered

“2023 has been an exciting and productive period for the EP Association as we have progressed through our 20th anniversary year. We have now launched our first ever Activity Report which demonstrates and provides examples of the global reach and impact of the EPs. In the future we will add to the report to further demonstrate the positive impacts of EP and highlight the valuable work undertaken by our EPFI colleagues. This is published at the same time as we are adjusting and improving our internal governance and management.

We have an excellent and professional Steering Committee, which is led by an inspiring and effective Chair in Amit Puri, enthusiastically supported by the Office of the EPs. I have immensely enjoyed my first six months in the new Chief Executive role for the EPA and know that the Equator Principles are in good shape to continue their progress as the exemplar global E&S risk management framework for projects”.
Max Griffin, EP CEO



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EP Secretariat Lead

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