Equator Principles 2024 Training & Technical Workshops (20-24 May)

2 June, 2024 EP News

2 June 2024

The Equator Principles held its first dedicated training and technical workshop event from 20 to 24 May in Bangkok, Thailand. Around 90 people attended the in-person meeting representing nearly 50 Equator Principles Financial Institutions (EPFIs).

The Steering Committee was particularly pleased to see that the event drew a large number of new colleagues. After several years of growth amongst the EPFI network, mainly in Asia, it was encouraging to be able to connect directly with newer colleagues and enhance their relationship to EP.

The agenda of the 4-day meeting focused on supporting EPFIs to implement the EPs effectively through providing quality EP-specific training, as well as workshops focused on a range of issues relevant to EPFIs. Sessions were led by EPFIs as well as a range of external consultants, including EarthActive and MFC, and strategic stakeholders, such as the IFC and AIIB, offering expert insights and technical training. EPFIs benefited from hearing from a range of perspectives to further develop their understanding of EP as well as the evolving broader ESG landscape.

This meeting was held in addition to the EP Annual Meeting that will take place in Q4 and will provide a further opportunity for EPFIs to gather and discuss strategic priorities for coming years.

“This week in Bangkok has been a great opportunity to step outside the ‘day job’ and focus on EP – both to take a detailed look into EP implementation now but also to consider EPs role in the wider sustainable finance/ESG ecosystem. After a week talking with many old and new EP colleagues, I feel energised about the future for  EP”.

Andrew Scott, EP Chair (Interim), ING Bank

“This is the first time we have held a dedicated in-person EP training course, providing invaluable support to EPFIs, alongside 2 days of technical workshops. The feedback has been extremely positive, and we have been really pleased to see such strong attendance from EPFI staff across Asia, as well as globally”.

Max Griffin, EP CEO


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